Andy Murray WInS!

I’m a big supporter of Andy Roddick, he has a very powerful game which is amazing to watch – and is a good contrast to the awesome grass skills of Federer. But Andy Murray has knocked him out in the 3rd round at Wimbledon. I feel really bad for Roddick, but well pleased for Murray.
At 19, he has already got to the 4th round at Wimbledon, in only his second year. Where was Tim at that time? I’m not a Tim basher, in particular, I judge people on their game – and Tim’s game has never really been consistent enough to impress me. Sure he is a very good player, and can pull it out of the bag, but his consistency can be poor. Andy, on the other hand, has fire. He has managed to piss off the press, the public and himself enough to create a real force which will hopefully carry him through another round or so this year.
And his interview regarding how disappointed he was that England got knocked out of the World Cup was most professional and welcome – hopefully that should silence his critics on that front.

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