I feel I have betrayed the very essence of my soul

For 15 years I have managed to get along in life without joining the masses. The masses that are annoying, rude and downright incompetent. People think that I am either disabled or at the very least slightly strange because I didn’t want to join the masses. Who are the masses? Drivers.

So I passed my driving test last week after being “co-erced” into joining the masses by two friends who bought me vouchers – with expiry dates on. So I had to submit my soul and become a slave to the asphalt, as opposed to the paving stone running alongside. Sure, it gives me flexibility, but that’s about it. I’m not lazy so I see no need for it.

I learnt with MSM, and must say the experience was excellent. Even though I entered the car with a distinct resentment of driving, my instructor was helpful, gave good feedback and made the experience quite enjoyable. From the call to the office to set up the appointments to the test, the experience with this company was A-1. A rare thing for The Isle of Man. Previous instructors (in the UK) have had me picking up their laundry, telling me I was rubbish and being altogether unhelpful.

I’ll admit to passing on my second attempt, even though I made more mistakes on this second attempt. I’m not entirely convinced in the testing process, and I am definitely not pleased with the maintenance of driving standards for existing drivers. My view on drivers won’t change. Maybe in 12-months I’ll have truly become “one of them” and be violating basic road law from poor parking to outright dangerous driving. If so, please tell me and I’ll cut my license up.

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