Brüno (2009)

Brüno (2009) at IMDb

Stomach cramping through awkwardness and laughter. Lots of easy targets but that’s because American culture makes it so easy. Between racism, homophobia, celebrity culture, fundamental Christians and Rednecks, they make easy pickings.

Sacha Baron Cohen and Larry Charles are genius. I love anything from Larry anyway (Seinfeld, Dilbert, Curb Your Enthusiasm). Loving Snoop Dogg, too. Typically underplayed.

Hereditary (2018)

Hereditary (2018) on IMDb

Gabrielle Byrne plays an incredibly patient husband as the awesome wife Toni Collette has a breakdown and becomes drawn to Spiritualism and the true destiny of her son.

Creepy and homely. You never know when a witch is walking amongst you.

Really neat cut between day and night over the landscape. What’s a horror film without either a distressed young girl in a shower or a quick flick through a book about Spiritualism for a bit of exposition?


Sputnik (2020) at IMDb

Not a fantastic fantasy/horror and it would be ideal for low anxiety/turn off brain at the end of a day watching if it weren’t for the intense concentration on the subtitles from the original Russian. I have no problems with subtitles but my gosh do they speak fast. Separating speech and facial expressions from words really does expose the skill of the actor.

Ex Machina

Nathan is instantly unlikeable and perhaps unworthy of trust. It can’t be healthy for anyone to exist in the remoteness like he does. What’s more incredible is not how much he has achieved for himself, his wealth and creature comforts, but how he has managed to obtain all that with very little actual work. Never does he “nip out” for a quick bit of work. No meetings. No distractions. Just beer.

Definitely interesting, testing the testers and a brilliant spin at the end.