Chip-in-Bin nonsense

I don’t understand people’s resistance to theChip-in-Bin scheme being
developed as an idea to control landfill, reduce the throw-away society and
increase propensity of households to recycle. The tabloid papers say it is a
“spy in your bin” and that it erodes civil liberties. Nonsense! The chip is
essentially an electronically encoded reference number. It could easily be a
barcode, but probably isn’t because a chip is more secure and resilient in the
rough environment experienced by your average wheely-bin. It does not erode
civil liberties, as it does not know what you have thrown away and it
does not identify you as a person where data sensitivity is paramount – unlike
the proposed ID card which seems to have gained more weight, possibly due to a
reduced level of propoganda from the tabloids.

To me, there are three key benefits which people are not getting:

  • If the scheme is truly fair, shouldn’t the refuse handling portion of the
    council tax bill be reduced? Therefore, lower Council Tax
  • Customers now have some control over how much they are charged, It isn’t defined exclusively in the council chamber, it can be affected by your own habits. If you pay too much, think about reducing how much you throw away.
  • We improve the environment by reducing our dependancy on landfill.

There are of course down-sides. People are averse to making extra effort to
imrpove the lot of themselves and others, and especially when it costs, even
though it should (in a fair world) be cheaper). The potential for fly-tipping
would doubtless increase, for example, and no-one wants that.

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