Not a New Year’s Resolution

I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions, if you need to change some aspect of your
life, a New Year is hardly an excuse for making the change. No, it is mere
coincidence that I am coming to this conclusion.

The conclusion is that I am not fitting enough work into my day. 18 months
ago, I was working every available hour on the Work Connexions project.
Following that, I decided to “take a year off”, ie. reduce the amount of work I
do outside my paid employment. This also helped me keep a low profile while any
negativity generated from Work Connexions could settle. Now, however, I am ready to poke my head over the parapet again.

I am interested in .NET development, collaboration, Social Media and
Marketing. Whereas I have been able to enjoy input in a Marketing/Social media
capacity in my previous job, my new job does not give me access to the same
level of work. In order to keep myself in touch with this area, I’m going to
have to increase work “outside of hours”. My day currently starts at 07:00 and
ends at 22:00. Between 18:30 and 22:00 I spend time with my wife. This, however,
does not give me the time I need to work on a couple of personal projects I have
going on and keep my fingers in the social media and marketing spaces. Balancing
personal vs. professional life. Tricky. #There may be trouble ahead …#

Here are my commitments for this coincidental resetting of the annual clock:

Instead of turning over at 0545 when my wife gets up, I am going to get up
and find some work to do. I’ll be listening to Radio 4 at this point, so beware
of ill-informed rants in relation to the news. Maybe I’ll use the extra time to
go in to work earlier. (This also means there will be less traffic on the road
for the days I ride to work on my bike.)

The tricky bit comes when I come home from work. I need to be able to spend
time with my wife and be able to commit time (and energy) to more work.
Solution: work late. This should also have the benefit of ridding myself of
thoughts which would otherwise keep me awake. The strategy is to wear myself out
intellectually and physically. ….. NEED …. MORE …. DIET …. COKE ….

I’m going to get in to the habit of blogging posts over several days. Many
bloggers have the time to prepare and write blogs, but I just don’t. It’s not
part of my job, and it’s not part of my core skills. So, I’m going to blog over
several days, maybe leaving half-written blog posts lying to see if further
inspiration comes up or for me to have a cool-down period so I can realise I am
just ranting rubbish.

With my “secret project” currently taking up my Saturday mornings, I am
seeing less time I can work over the weekend while spending time with my wife.
This will be tricky! Whereas I previously worked Saturday/Sunday morning (making up a full day) this timetable isn’t really possible. I need to attain success in
my secret project as soon as possible! Maybe I need to get back to the time
machine project I was thinking about. Unfortunately. it’s much too complicated
for my ‘ickle brain.

My peers on the island, including Owen, seem to be intellectual dynamos. I need to
return to that state of being. I have done some outstanding work on outside
projects, and continuing work on these projects can help maintain my standing in
areas such as ethical web development, marketing, etc. I just hope I won’t burn
myself out.

Okay, it’s 0641. A quick Porridge and then off to work …

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