Taggloo launched

It seems that my Taggloo (http://taggloo.im) experiment has been sufficiently successful to warrant some determined effort on producing a site that I would be happy to launch and have people use. After collecting some ideas from some Manx speakers and adding few of my own ideas, I’ve developed the site and am happy to publish the site for wider use. I’ve even had some positive feedback for my very limited design skills!

Taggloo logo

Taggloo, as the site says, is a means of bringing learners and seasoned speakers of niche languages together to help keep the language living. Taggloo is Manx Gaelic for “speech” and as such is designed to be an informal aid to existing resources that may be available, rather than a definitive or technical language resource. Currently, the site only has Manx Gaelic, but it is designed from the outset to support other languages.

Taggloo dudeMy aim for the site is for to create a Social Dictionary. This will be achieved by aggregating electronically published content such as Tweets, blog posts or You Tube videos and by encouraging users to get involved by submitting their own interpretations and uses of words, or their own words. I’ve been learning Manx Gaelic long enough to understand that spellings, pronunciation and meanings of words can vary between dictionaries, contexts and even regions of this small island. So called “dead languages” are often still living, evolving and growing through use in the community and this includes the internet community.

Ultimately, I want to answer a key problem I had in trying to access useful Manx content in an electronic format, by opening the dictionaries and enabling opportunities for users to leverage this data. Users can access this data either by using the web-site or, using the comprehensive API, via mobile phone “apps” or even applets embedded in other web sites.

The site currently performs basic translations, though this will be extended over the coming weeks as I find time to introduce my intended improvements. Here’s what is on my roadmap so far:

  • Community content aggregated from Twitter, blogs and You Tube.
  • Language use “in the wild” drawn from such community content added to translation results to show context within sentences and discussions.
  • Uploadable media items, including a subset of Manx Gaelic vocabulary to prime the collection of user-submitted media.
  • Submission of words missing from the dictionary by expert speakers and learners alike and rating of community submitted content.
  • Submission of comments regarding people’s individual understanding of word meanings and uses, providing a very personal interpretation on language use.

How can you contribute?

The site is intended to be open from the outset and this includes accepting users’ comments and suggestions on how to improve the site. I’ve set up a UserVoice forum to collect users’ impressions. Maybe you have new languages in mind, or have a killer-feature in mind. Or, perhaps there is a bug on the site that needs to be fixed!

Any and all feedback is welcome, and you can submit your suggestions and queries at http://taggloo.uservoice.com.

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