Aggregating a “living” language

Community dudesBetween work, TT and various obligations I’ve finally managed to finish what is the majority of the second key phase of social content.

Language is nothing if not used in a social context, and using Manx online is no different. I’m a big fan of Social Media and particularly how it can be used to promote the visibility (if not learning/teaching) of our island’s language and heritage. Modern technology is already leveraged very well by teachers and learners of Manx using mediums such as Twitter, You Tube, blogs and Facebook.

It was always my intention to bring together what is currently a disparate and siloed set of high quality language content and aggregate it for presentation and showcasing it, alongside other, similar content. In the spirit of open-data, why not take the content, re-form it and publish it side-by-side?

Currently, Taggloo is pulling in content from:

  • Twitter (based on a set of rules which should hopefully provide fairly relevant Manx content)
  • You Tube (specifically the Gaelg You Tube channel)

Taggloo community screenshot

Try it out:

Hopefully by integrating this live Manx content, it will encourage users not only to develop their understanding of the language by accessing previously unseen channels, but also to participate in the discussion using Twitter.

Maybe in the future I’ll also add a Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr feed, or just more content from You Tube or more blogs. If you’d like to see a particular set of data included, make sure you suggest it on our UserVoice site. The site is able to gather and parse a wide variety of data-formats, which will increase as more content feeds are discovered.

Remember, if you’re using Twitter to write in Manx, add the #Gaelg hash-tag!

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