Isle of Man Social Media Club: December 2013 Third Thursday

The Isle of Man Social Media Club Third Thursday lunch/dinner is a regular and informal gathering of people from a variety of disciplines, including marketing, PR and IT. This month, we’ll be meeting on Thursday 19th December at Jabberwocky.

We’ve been able to chat around a variety of topics related to social media, such as ethics, legislation, policing and more fun aspects of various social media platforms. Whilst we are all probably used to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, we’re always keen to learn about new platforms and trends you may have spotted.

Jabberwock logo

Following our vote for a change of venue, the consensus points us to Jabberwocky, on Duke Street in Douglas (that’s the end of Strand Street, across from the pedestrian lights). Jabberwocky have a friendly team and have a good quality lunchtime menu with Bagels, Jacket Potatoes, Wraps and daily specials. They are also social media savvy, with a Facebook and Twitter presence.

Hope you can make it. If you can, help us plan numbers by giving us a shout in the comments …


  1. What does çhelveeish mean?

    I googled it, and you had tweeted about it. You’re right. It’s not in the dictionary.



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