Tenet (2020)

Watched in 4K/HDR, DTS HD Neural:X 7.1
Tenet (2020) on IMDb

What feels like the only cinematic release of 2020, and for good reason. Nolan demands big viewing for big experiences. The frames seamlessly switch from vistas to close-ups to examine the feelings behind plot elements with frame resizing to help. A big screen is a must. The sound design is almost threatening with its speed and energy. Ludwig Göransson’s score is a highlight.

What happens happened

Neil (Robert Pattinson)

A weapons dealer has a new weapon, which “The Protagonist” (we never hear his actual name) has to prevent from use and sale. Meanwhile a personal story of blackmail, estrangement and suicide within a marriage wraps the (typically Russian) antagonist’s global evil plan.

Between lack of ability to read lips due to masks, heavy accents and softly spoken lines the dialogue is indistinct – frustrating when you have to hear every word. Shame on you Kenneth Brannagh. There’s so much noise and effects it’s difficult to know what to focus on. This is a film that will need multiple re-watches. There’s a mirroring of time and a progression that is impressive and confusing. It leaves you wondering if this is because of someone else’s assumed genius or you’re not able to “get it”; either way, it got mediocre reviews and didn’t break even in the box office. Multiple plot points occur simultaneously and in different directions. Nolan is messing with time again. Definitely worthy of the time, or was it, or will it be?

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