“It just is” – er yn oyr dy vel eh

I woke up at silly o’clock this morning and for some reason went straight to my Windows 8 laptop and started making Manx notes for our last class.

In our last class, we were taking the fragmented Manx we’ve been learning over the past months and shunting it together. So “Ta mee maynrey” and “Ta mee cummal ayns Rhumsaa” could be turned into something meaningful and worth saying, “Ta mee maynrey cummal ayns Rhumsaa”. We also stretched this further, saying why we felt happy living in Ramsey; “Ta mee maynrey cummal ayns Rhumsaa er yn oyr de vel eh yindyssagh” (I am happy living in Ramsey because it is wonderful).

So with these phrases buzzing round my head, I decided I’d come up with a means to help me remember the glue for these phrases:

  • er yn oyr – because
  • s’liklee – it is likely
  • er lhiam – I reckon
  • dy vel eh – that it is
  • nagh vel eh – that it is not

Ren mee jannoo pabyragh coonee son gynsaghey Gaelg er yn oyr de vel he beggan dooillee cooniaghtyn shoh!

Based on Adrian’s notes, I put some sentences (that would fit) on PowerPoint slides, with colour coding for highlighting the “glue” between the fragments of the sentence and what they mean. I’ve followed a friend’s advice who has been helping me by printing them all off and pinning them around my house.

I’ve created a little file area for my Manx work on my SkyDrive and you’re welcome to have a look in and see if it helps you. Both a PDF version and the original PowerPoint version is there if you’d like to take the file and improve on what I’ve come up with. And with Office Live, you do not even need Microsoft Office or even a version of PowerPoint to edit it!

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