Living and working in the Isle of Man, a lovely island nestled in the Irish Sea between Ireland and the UK. I work in the Microsoft stack, particularly the .NET Framework, having worked in WCF, Silverlight, WPF, SQL Server, and ASP.NET Web Forms, Web Pages, MVC and Web API.

I currently work as a Lead Software Developer at Nedbank Private Wealth. In this role, I am a technical lead in our transactional systems and contribute and support to the wider Developer Guild.

Always keen on developing “softer” skills, I’ve achieved a MSc in Project Management (in Information Technology) with The University of Liverpool. This allows me to combine my technical skills with a recognition and understanding of business strategy, prioritisation and risk management.

I’m a keen supporter of the island’s culture and as part of this, I’m learning the Manx Gaelic language. To help contribute to this cause, I have developed a social dictionary, Taggloo.im and am involved with the Pobble charity which aims to further Manx Gaelic within the community.

When I’m not working I love to hike and play tennis and I’m partial to a quality film, good music (everything from Acid House to 60s), good books and good company (though not all at the same time).


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