Sunshine (2017)

Watched in HD, Stereo on Rakuten (Chromecast with Google TV)

Sunshine (2017) at IMDb

A second mission is mounted to follow a failed mission to “re-ignite the Sun” and save humanity. Dodgy physics aside (even if Brian Cox was involved), the story becomes personal with tensions and difficult decisions to be made about individuals vs. humanity. A little weird to see Michelle Yeoh almost sidelined by lesser-known British actors but those actors more than made their leads worthwhile.

If the wisdom of calling a spaceship that is heading towards the Sun to save humanity “Icarus” is foolhardy, calling the first one “Icarus I” is pure fortune telling. It is difficult to keep up with the pace of the manoeuvres of the ships, Kubrick definitely got that right. Boyle’s point of the Sun being bright was impressive and tested my retinas to the max. I can now see 256 shades of pure white.

I also discovered that Rakuten doesn’t support anything more than Stereo on my varied and capable set-up so that’s the end of that. Back to physical media.

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